Understanding sound happened everywhere and every time in different forms is a form of our awareness for the other entities’ existence in our environment. Every perceived sound composition (both natural or artificial) is depends on the ‘natural human sound mixing’ inside our heads, like choosing which sounds that we would to perceive.

I have a tendency to raise people’s awareness of the sound existence through artistic practices that involve appreciators in a playful way. I often show the sound making process physically and digitally in my works. The idea of the sound that comes from the interaction between humans, objects, environment, and the situation that produced tends to make the audience ‘present’ by ‘play’ in it. The situation and chance that produced from those aspects leads me to explore the concept of perceiving in the different convention, where I could manifest my artistic idea.

By the artistic approach, sound became a ‘playground’ and a contemplation arena about the ideas of presence. Sound exists everywhere at any time in this universe. there’s no limit for me to play with it through my artistic practice.